Hijabman.com...A highly enlightening mid-night find...courtesy of Shaima's blog

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late last night, just when i was congratulating myself for wasting three perfectly sleep-able hours i came upon a reference to some person who calls himself Hijabman on Shaima's account of ICNA convention. He was there selling t-shirts with witty sayings, such as "Go Ahead, PROFILE ME.", all in order to earn money to become an Imam. Hijabman has an excellent sense of humor, which reflects specially in the 'about' section of his site. There is photography there as well, and where there is photography I must be, :). I strongly recommend you check out his site, and if you can, support his dream by purchasing a t-shirt.


Abbas Halai said...

yeah i loved those shirts too. i saw the site and immediately posted about it as well. reminded me of this t-shrit i picked up in nyc called captioned with "wild and free pakistan" with a cowboy in the middle of it. you can view it here. other classics at the site are "gaza strip club xxx", "jesus hates your suv", and "israel, why settle?". check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

you guys are nuts.

love you

Mars said...

lol...how cool! ;)

flying cow said...

went thru your site
your pictures are awesome!!!!!

thanx for visiting my blog
keep the comments coming


Shaima said...

aww.. which one did u buy? everyone seems to be in love with em =)

Mars said...

Hiba: Thank yoo! You are too kind!

Shaima: I haven't bought one yet, but I think my friend is getting a couple. I'll check with him.. :)