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Happy Blog Day!
In my humble opinion, these blogs rock! (the blogday limit is five,the remaining can be found on the sidebar)

  1. Apple Pathways by Gulnaz What stands out for me here is the expressive 'n unpretentious poetry and prose.
  2. 2 minutes time-pass: daily-er,occasional- scribble by Sanchia Don't let the title fool you, there is introspection and sharp observation evident in every post... my fav. piece of poetry
  3. the roof.. by Anarchy Wonderful story-teller...
  4. A Quest for Beauty; A Lust for Life! by The Prophetess A Van-Gogh admirer with so much to say.
  5. unzip your mind by Sabeen Chockful of useful information and insight on the world around us. Oh yes, and I like the casual method of writing.


BeanZ said...

Hey Mars! Thank you so much :)

BTW, my office walls are orange and green (used to be the new black - but now black is the new black - hehe)


gulnaz said...

hey mars, thanks for the mention! i like your blog too and will link you to mine. :)
come by again. :)

anarchy said...

thanks for the mention, mars. i've been in a fan of your photography for a while. : )

Abbas Halai said...

nice list.

Ramla A. said...

:) Muah! Thank you so much. I am so delighted. BTW, I loved the flower pic down there... may I feature that on my blog??


flying cow said...

funky angle, as always.... :D

Mars said...

Beanz: I love this green-orange combo, quite zesty I believe. Hehe..know what you mean by the new black..

Gulnaz: So glad to hear from ya! Will visit soon, absolutely..

Anarchy: Gracias...and do keep writing! :)

Abbas: You won't be disappointed, all these blogs are chock-ful of content!

Ramla: *hug* I love what you churn out.. the flower pic? long as my name is there somewhere, its cool! :)

Hiba: hehe..'funky' is cool right?

Yasir Hussain said...

I see you're a good observer and compiler. Why don't you post often on lahore metblog?

Mars said...

grazi yasir...basically because I have been gathering expriences in the shape of photos to share on lahore metblog. I think each post should be meaningful, rather then a trivial look at our hometown. :)

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Yasir Hussain said...

I agree. And we're lacking meaningful content on metblog ;)
Btw, can I use this picture as an avatar or something like that; off course, credit goes to you - I'm not that mean!

Sanchia said...

Hey. Thanks for the comments on my blog and for putting it down in your list here! I like the photographs you're posting... (and apologise for being a bad blogger who kills the blog every two months or so after just three posts made...)

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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