see it?

Saturday, August 20, 2005 | |

see it?
Originally uploaded by Gemintheeye. ya?


Abbas Halai said...

what a milky way dubble roti

flying cow said...

i do, i do :D

Hani said...

all I see is that this bread can be inside someones belly!

Mars said...

Abbas:isn't it milky? I am so used to brown bread, this tastes funny.

Hiba: You do? Yay! I am not alone :P

Hani: *shakes head* see beyond the edibleness, then you will discover the hidden message. (there is this really obvious design element in this picture, doncha ya know?)

Caraf said...

oh wow the pics are just beautiful! i love the shots of lahore. i havent been there yet, just reached till the wagah border.

i also love the pics of the bougainvilla petals... mmm..