Monday, September 26, 2005 | |

...wispy cotton fluff...


flying cow said...

all your pics are angled so uniquely.

BBCD said...

i feel a tiny bit dizzy looking at that.

plus is sorta reminds me of cotton candy, so my sweet tooth is feeling hungry :)

..on a bit more of a serious note, when i look at the clouds and see the bright white shinning through it always gives me hope of Allah blessing me with brighter days, sooner rather than later.

.. a great photo to generate so much thought out of this bbcd.

sidrah said...

wispy cotton flufff :P lovveee that tittle!!!

the olive ream said...

Superb! One of the best photoblogs on the web. I have my own blog (the olive ream) and write for Global Voices Online as well. I mentioned your blog on my latest post on GVO. You can check that at this address:


Mars said...

Hiba: grazie sweetie!

BBCD: :)...the dizzy feeling I can relate to, I was craning my neck for a while before i was done clicking. Clouds are inspirational, no doubt! I love your comment!

Sidrah: ty!

the olive ream: Its so cool of you to do that! :D You made my day! Thanks. I will definately check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

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