Friday, October 14, 2005 | |

...and the dust settles... (as well as the dustbunnies)


navin harish said...

Nice composition, the background adds to the interest

Acro said...

ok maybe i have said it before but u r my official didi tutor, from now on. btw which cam u using?.

sidrah said...

it looks all sand-speckled rather then dust-bunnified :) yummy!

the olive ream said...

I don't know why but this candle image keeps reminding me of this song:

I went looking for someone I left behind
Yeah but no-one just a stranger did I find
I never noticed hadn’t seen it as it grew
The void between us where the flame turns blue

Different places yeah but they all look the same
Dreams of faces in the streets devoured by names
I’m in collision with every stone I ever threw
And blind ambition where the flame turns blue
words by David Gray.

Anonymous said...

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