Monday, October 24, 2005 | |

...not your run-of-the-mill... (rose)


Hani said...

Iam beginning to think that all your free time is spent in a park.

flying cow said...

i want to be a flower
all pretty and aromatic

Hani said...

flying cow:does that mean you are ugly and smelly?

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flying cow said...

haye tauba

Mars said...

Hani: lol..thank you for your free time is spent in my garden..:P

Hiba: :) thank you...thats a lovely remark..and I agree..

All: Play nice.. :)

merlin said...

im a big red fan !!!

Yasir Hussain said...

you make me think... however, I find your description to be offensive.. lol

Anonymous said...

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