Thursday, October 27, 2005 | |

...coral pink chooriyaan...(don't you think? the soft hue has more peach then pink...eid present)


Hani said...

Are you by any chance a descendant of the Mughal dynasty?

flying cow said...

i love ur jewelery shots.
a suggestion: get a darker template. it will look good with the pictures.

ouranophobia said...

you have amazing jewellery woman! give me some for my eidi :p

Acro said...

I think I need help in operating my digi cam, i mean some basics about ISO, EQ and their relation to focal length :D. or is it too much for a asking?

atrophying said...

hai, they're gorgeous. and yes, i agree with flying cow - your jewellery shots are always a treat to ogle at :)

merlin said...

it reminds me of ceremonial armour for some wierd reason
...its great !

flying cow said...

come alive

navin harish said...

Nice shot. The bangle looks good.

Hani said...

no new post?

Nabeel said...

it this a bangle?

Mars said...

Nabeel: yes indeedy.
Hani: yeh, was real swamped back
Navin: :) Gracias!
Flying Cow (Hiba): I'm back...kinda.. :D
Merlin: hehe..coming from King Arthur's crony..that means a lot! ;).. thanks!
Atrophying: You are too kind.. :)
Acro: I am humbled you asked me..but I am learning as I go..I recommend checking out Faraz Shah's blog for some great tips. :)
Ouranophobia: hehe...lucky i guess..
Flying Cow: Yeh, I am thinking the same now..just am real attached to the pukey green bkground for some odd reason.
Hani: Mughal Dynasty? hehe..not by a long shot.. :)