Saturday, January 06, 2007 | |

*yellow flag* (bear with me, doing some renovation around here, trying out some new templates, fonts, widgets, like a new outfit for the blog in '07! I would love hear what you think. )


Abbas said...

yeah cool. blogspot templates were getting to be rather boring and simplistic.

Dingle said...

you should also try to minimize the things you are doing, instead of having one thing for one place, try
having 2 things in one place.
Like a photoblog + blog.
Might get more focus.Hani

Mars said...

abbas: glad you think so. I thought I'd try a neutral background to help the images stand out.

dingle/hani: I know what you are saying! :) Just the thing is, I would like to maintain a separate blog for writing. Within writing itself there is so much I want to explore, I am afraid if I combine them both, the photos will get lost in the sea of words

Appreciate your input! :)