with its back to the sun

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | |


Rabia Akram/mania said...

Seriously, I love the effect. Do you like saturating your photos?

Muhammad khabbab said...

the leaf looks cooked. the effect is marvelous, i must say.

Asma said...

the lights are beautiful here .. :)

u dont upload to flickr anymore?

Mars said...

Rabia: I do some basic editing, depending on how the photograph turns out. There is always a difference between what the eye perceives and what the camera captures--then again, I am an amateur. =)

Khabbab: Thank you--it did turn out rather 'cooked' like you said! :)

Asma: Thank you much my Flickr friend! I do visit, but there isn't enough time to update both blogger and Flickr on a regular basis. Keep clicking! :)