Eid 2009: Too much Bling?

Saturday, September 12, 2009 | |

With  Eid close by,rows upon rows of glassy bangles, chunky 'kaaras' compete for attention in Lahore's Liberty Market. While I adore bangles, and have too many to count,--this season the kind on display are super-sparkly. By sparkly I mean---tons of multi-colored glitter, plastic stones in every shade of the rainbow--so much so that the beauty has been lost beneath the clutter.


mania said...

so bless!!!
and I can't even go outside.. prof so near.

batty said...

not really!!

i got the middle karhas in purple and white!

:) i love the chamakk dhamakk

Asma said...

had none of these this eid ..this beautiful set makes me sad =(

Love the color of it btw and yes I like the middle karras too :)