Reaching out

Thursday, September 03, 2009 | |

One of the photos taken around that very tree--which was caught on camera in the previous post.

Gotta love the afternoon sun!


mania said...

seriously if your all focus was on capturing sunlight then you should highlight it. Its just give a very gloomy effect.

Mars said...

Well my focus wasn't purely on capturing the sunlight--it was about this high contrast that is the result of the sharp afternoon sun.

Muhammad khabbab said...

Even before reading the comments, as soon as i saw the picture it was evident that focus is on the contrast and not on sun shine. However, focus on sunshine would have been another great pic too as suggested by mania. Actually this is a picture with subtle, soft effect. well done!

Mariam said...

Well I guess if we're going to get technical, then ideally there should have been some light-source highlighting the left side of the plant just a little bit. but who cares about technicality for the sake of it.
There are actually 3 layers of light here: 1 - the pure light behind the plant 2- the light captured in side the leaf in the middle (almost like looking at honey illuminated inside a jar) and 3 the backlighting of the stem at the bottom.
beautiful. a lot going on.