Be Sharp

Sunday, November 15, 2009 | |

This orange sharpener was glinting in the afternoon sun...which reminded me of how important school stationery and accessories were during elementary school. My most prized possession was this really purple, zig-zaggy designed Trapper Keeper binder ...or was it the Lisa Frank pencil pouch?.... *thinks*

This might take a while... in the meantime...Did YOU have a favorite pencil, backpack, or lucky eraser ?
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model town blog said...

Yes !, It was the stapler. bought for rupee 7 from the shop in Nosharah about 25 years ago.
its amazing to note that i still have that stapler and few weeks ago i had a chance to visit that area and i specially went to my first-school and that shop inn the market to break the twilight spell, visiting childhood places really help to move on.


HANI said...

Pentel Fountain Pens
Helix -Geometry set
then a Maped geometry set
and then there were these erasers which had plastic covers that were shaped like books and not to forget
the erasers that were like pens with a slider

by the way I still am a school stationery fan, just a few months backbought half a dozen pens and a cool sharpener

a tale of a few cities said...

I do - but how could any documentation compare to this jewel.