din-chak dholki time!

Sunday, January 24, 2010 | |

once the Punjabi re-mix started pumping out of the speakers--and the hands started clapping--and the feet started moving with the backbeat--it was clear--that wedding season part two had arrived!

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Umair Vahidy said...

It's charming! And yes the wedding part II is on, and this image is the first beautiful thing which I have ever seen, associated to that season.

Mariam said...

I love the crisp focus of the flower and the depth-of field. Yes, the marigold is a sign that weddings are in full swing.

Mars said...

Umair: I love the word 'charming'--especially when its directed towards my work! :) Deeply appreciated.

Mariam: gracias for your technical comment--the dof was exactly what drew me to this particular shot!