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listening to the radio..heard a new song by the band Lagan called "Meh Yaad Auoongah" (heh..i apologize for my roman urdu, but try sounding it out..should make sense) , was nice 'n catchy. what i was actually doing in the car was writing, and re-writing possible items to get as b-day presents... for me its absolutely vital to give something the one 'needs', so it won't be forgotten,stuffed on the back of some shelf, or *gasp* rewrapped 'n presented to someone else. i have done that, so i'd like my presents to avoid such a fate. :P Emerson once said, "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself". I suppose that means the effort, the sincerety, the joy you can put into creating a gift is immeasurable by any store bought item. Posted by Picasa


Shaima said...

amazing pic.

Mars said...

thanks Shaima!