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*young sprout*


Hani said...

I wanted to comment on the latest one cause that one was beautiful(ler) but this one was more interesting.Looks like it is guarding something!

iamnasra said...

This great blog Im tahnkful for Gulnaz to have yoou in her list

Gulnaz had listed you as one of her blog friends..In tribute of Gulnaz we hope you can drop a line to tell us how were you inspired by Gulnaz

Pixie said...


:) im a regular reader of your blog and i think you would make an amazing contributor to this new ezine a bunch of my friends and i have started. its a collaborative effort between both pakistani and indian youngsters with common interests in highlighting amazing talent be it in writing, reporting or photography and providing people with a forum to showcase their work! id love to have you on board. im certain that in time we shall make something to be proud of.

the first few editions are out at

:) do check it out and contact me at if interested at all!

id love to have you on board!